Toy Box

5 minute dance/theatre film

Synopsis: The protagonist explores a myriad of worn-down outdoor locations and sculptures that represent her childhood memories.

Director: Nathan Hirschaut 
Performer: Zoe Hollinshed 
Composer: Assaf Shatil 
Cinematography and editing: Alex Sargent
Voice: Lydia Graham 
Support: Danielle Lee Hogervorst 

Best Professional Screen Dance: Idaho Screendance Festival 2021

Audience Choice: Idaho Screendance Festival 2021

Selected: Dance Camera West 2022

Selected: NewGrounds: Dance Film Collection 2021

Selected: Los Angeles Dance Shorts Film Festival 2021

Selected: Fuselage Dance Film Festival 2021

Selected: Portland Dance Film Fest 2021

Selected: San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2021