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Sonic Gates

World Première: OCTOBER, 18 2020, Hive Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA.

Sonic gates, a 40-minute contemporary dance piece, explores the relationship between sound (as frequency) and movement (as the symbolic expression of that living frequency). Nathan's choreography mixed with the ancient Indian language, Gurmukhi, creates a powerful primordial experience for the viewer. Be prepared for a soulful, ancient/future, and transporting experience.

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"The virtuosity of the performance broke boundaries. ”

-Alicia Graf Mack, Director of Juilliard Dance


The team behind sonic gates


Nathan Hirschaut


Danielle Lee-Hogervorst


Mikaela Brandon


Joelle Santiago

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“Absolutely breathtaking.”

-Francesca Harper, World Renown Choreographer

Watch the full show

Full 40-minute piece, $10, Infinite Replay