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2021 - Seek Dance Film


Seek is a 25-minute dance film shown through 6 cinematic scenes that remind us of our spiritual callings and ask us to reflect upon our inner purpose.


Producers: Nathan Hirschaut
Director: Nathan Hirschaut
Performer: Zoe Hollinshead
Cinematography and Editing: Alex Sargent
Composition: Assaf Shatil
Singer: Lydia Graham
Assistant: Danielle Lee Hogervorst
Photos: Danielle Lee Hogervorst
Sponsor: NADIA 


Best Professional Screen Dance at Idaho Screen Dance Film Festival 2021

Finalist at Dance Camera West 2022

Award Winner at Black Lives Rising Film Festival 2022

Selected at LA Dance Shorts Film Festival 2021

Selected at Portland Dance Film Festival 2021

Selected at San Francisco Dance Film Festival 2021

Selected at NewGrounds: Dance Film Collective 2021

Selected at Fuselage Dance Film Festival 2021

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