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The artists of the earth

In honor of earth day and our upcoming film "One Precious Life" we are sharing the stories of artists who are using their artwork to honor nature.

Be sure to get tickets for the premiere of "One Precious Life" streaming live April 22nd at 5pm PDT. All proceeds go to reforestation company Community Carbon Trees!

1. Oladele Ogbeyemi

Environmental metal explorer

Based in Nigeria


"With the facts provided by experts on climate change, I have determined to contribute in the reduction of environmental pollution by going around my environment in search of junks such as metal, plastic, unused object which are harmful to us and repurpose them into art. Most of my art work has a connection with extinction and preservation. The junk I used is disposed by the user, which means that it is going into extinction. Just like how some people are no longer seeing the importance of protecting some creatures like Rhinos which are gradually going into extinction through excessive killing. I see this junk as creatures that have gone or are about to go in to extinction and try to preserve them by turning them into a memory and honoring them."

2. Linda Gass

Visual Artist / Environmental Art

Based in San Fransisco California


Artist Linda Gass in her studio, photograph courtesy of the artist.

"My art honors nature by drawing attention to the relationship between humans and the water and land that sustain them. My work explores how nature’s landscapes change over time focusing on those places where destruction and renewal, wounding and healing, absence and presence overlap. I’m drawn to the birds-eye view of the landscape because of how it reveals human marks and patterns. My study of these marks leads me to ask questions about their history and how they affect the health of the ecosystems which we rely on to survive. For example, did this aqueduct contribute to the drying up of lakes or rivers and creeks? Does this landfill site or recent wildfire affect water quality? Could this dam have caused a species to become endangered or extinct? I research to find answers to those questions and to the many new ones that arise in the process - thus allowing me to more deeply understand the changes to the landscape and the environmental implications.

The process of making my work echoes the theme of the destruction and renewal of nature. I often begin by making a painting on silk where I commit many of the same destructive acts that humans have done to the landscape: I cut into the fabric, tear it, poke holes into it with needles; I build the equivalent of dams and dikes using resists to contain my liquid silk dyes. When the painting is done, I stitch it by machine and by hand, invoking the tradition of mending and repair through the act of sewing. The aesthetic of beauty is important in all of my work; it helps make the serious and difficult nature of the subject matter I’m addressing more approachable

3. Jay Percy

Acrylic, Lino and Mixed Media Art

London UK


"In nature we trust" -Acrylic and gold leaf on A3 canvas

"My art always points to reminding fellow humans that we are nature. By reminding people that we are nature, I seek to provoke conversations around what it means to treat nature with the same level of respect, love and care we all deep down need for ourselves.

I feel that if I can remind people that they're a part of this great, wondrous thing, suddenly it no longer becomes this stranger that is outside of ourselves. It suddenly clicks that it is within us, and that makes the idea of caring for it tangible.

When an idea moves from the abstract and external to the tangible and internal, it becomes something that we're able to tackle. Caring for our environment, from reducing plastic, to flying less, to lobbying and boycotting the companies that contribute to its denigration, is more important now than it ever has been in our living memory.

Through my art, I discuss all these things and more. If I only ever reach one person, that's one person more than before and I can live with the joy and anticipation that they'll reach the next person."

4. Marla King (she/her)

Dance Artist, Climate Justice Advocate, Podcaster

Based in Wales, UK


"I wish for a future where there would no longer be a need to frame art through an environmentally conscious lens, because this consciousness would be a fundamental value embedded within society and ultimately through the art we are drawn to create. I would envision this consciousness to be rooted in our relationship to others, in the environment where we find ourselves, disseminating through the media we choose to express what we are drawn to. Environmentally conscious art must also be socially conscious art - these cannot be viewed or experienced as separate. As Audre Lorde states, “There’s no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives” and fostering awareness of these interconnections and creating and expressing from this level of understanding is truly essential in creating a more sustainable and just society within which the arts have a fundamental role to play.

I envision art to centre connection and circularity, in the way we create, the materials we may use, share with others and use again. It would never be wasteful, never exclusive, never exploitative and always collaborative. Art enriches community, therefore the values rooted within the art we create will shape the values that underpin communities. In the future of environmentally conscious art, I see the hopeful possibility of an environmentally and socially conscious world. "

5. Tanya Vida


Based in San Diego, Ca

"I am Sound.

I feel the Spirit of Creation call to my inner heart. Spirit comes alive within me: as the Wind, as the Ocean crashing, ebbing n flowing,

as Passion and Heat of Fire dancing.

I am Alive, being my nature in Nature.

One with all that is, bowing to the Sacred Awe of Beauty. The Tree flute against my lips sings in the Orchestra painted Life.

Feel Alive!

May what calls to me and gives me Wings on Eternal Winds call to you.

Opening our hearts, freeing us to dance in Light, Wonder and Awe.

In Joy and Peace, feeling the Eternal Heart of Pure Love.

The gift of Being Humanity.

6. Satya Dev Preet

Spiritual Guide / Light code mandalas

Based in the Austrian alps


"You’re not living on earths surface, you are a vital cell in her magnificent body.

As long as you’re hurting yourself, you make her bleed.

As long as you’re shying away from your deep pain, you keep her suffering.

As long as you don’t recognize the Divine spark in you, she doesn’t have a chance to free herself from duality and darkness.

A tree can teach you everything you need to know about being human.

Work on your roots, your deep existential fears, to ground yourself, to make this

experience of being human as rich as it can get.

Release your pain and stored up emotions as part of your dharma in this existence.

It is your service to Mother Earth, your rent for your temporary body, that serves as a

home for your eternal soul.

Grow your spine strong and tall to be steady and determined.

Reach out to the heavens with your limbs to bring the Divine’s blessings down into you.

Share them with Mother Earth and this world through your unique art."

7. Philipp Frank

Light Artist Based in Munich/Germany

"I get a lot of inspiration by observing and listening to all that beauty she has to offer. From the tiniest details to the largest Mountains. Everything is full of magic, perfection and built out of sacred geometry. Gentle and beautiful, wild and raw at the same time. An authentic teacher, providing us with everything we need to know. I like to spend time alone in the Forrests, listening and observing. Coming home full of new ideas, knowledge and visions that I incorporate and share with my artworks. I would say that nature is the true basis for all my creative processes. And a wonderful place to nourish my soul."

8. Angela Jean Stepan

Medicine woman

Based in Nyc/Hamptons ( Films shot on location in Kauai )


"I grew up in the countryside where the forest was our playground. I remember thinking the hill in our woods was the turtle from the neverending story... and so I discovered that mystical art of nature speaking through + as the elements. In this way my imagination came alive on adventures in this joyful meditative state before I quite understood what that was; connection: {union / yoga }. I see { god / creator } through nature in the most intimate way as the micro :: of the macro universe speaking & guiding us in the most breathtaking, yet humble + simple ways. I remember the way it hurt when I first read about the amazon rainforest being burned down + the fire it lit in me to speak for nature; already feeling this holy interconnectedness. Creativity to me is about alchemy & in this way nature mirrors to us what is out of balance in our outer + inner ‘ecosystem'. I discovered the healing arts at a young age + have spent my adult life exploring + evolving my work in this field which just keeps getting more exciting as multimedia meets this kind of multidimensional intergalactic communion. We too are this mystical formula of earth + stars + our vitality thrives when in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons + the solar / lunar cycles as a pathway through this ancient design:: Our home, this planet as a multilayered living full spectrum tapestry ~ a way to mirror how we too can tune into this eco - consciousness that we are inseparable from; this infinite masterpiece in all it’s reverence & awe. As we co-create a new era on earth in collaboration of our shared creative destiny, may we tread lightly & tune our senses to higher potential as stewards of Gaia : our living mama eARTh."

9. Stephanie Leah

Eco-Spiritual Practitioner

Based in Los Angeles


"My art, my human gift, is a tool for others to use so that they can become more conscious of their place in the wild world. Since I am nature, and nature is always teaching us, I partner with it to stay connected to myself and to create collective thought of earth thinking. If I am honoring my authentic self, then that in turn is honoring nature.

I speak my truth. Nature is truth. We all desire truth."

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