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My 2021 Recap

This is my honest reflection of the hills, valleys, and windy path of destiny through my 2021 year of art-making, dancing, and growing.

Chapter 1: The creation of "Seek" - People over product.

I look back with somewhat of a painful chuckle at the beginning of my year. My naive ambitions ran high, so much to do, so much to become, HIGH STAKES, INTENSE MARS, BING BANG BOOM.

It was quite a gorgeous trainwreck... and I had no idea what I was doing. Which in one way was freeing, but in another made me clumsy and in need of experience.

I learned that art projects should help people, otherwise, they aren't good projects. Seek taught me about care and challenged my values as a creator and leader to see that if my art wasn't helping real human beings feel fucking powerful and valued, there was an issue that needed to be looked at.

Chapter 2: The creation of "Letters to my father" - Pain can not be choreographed.

You're not going to like hearing this but the creation of this solo for me was actually kind of subpar. I didn't wake up giddy to rehearse it and at the time felt quite trapped by the identity of what I thought it meant to be a choreographer.

I was trying to fit a very raw and heart-aching experience into the confines of what I thought a dance was supposed to be. Honestly, it was awkward and left me at the end still craving more. Which if you keep reading you will see is what I find.

Chapter 3: The creation of "One Precious Life" - I'm shown a new way.

After being in a lot of turbulent questioning of my identity as an artist, One Precious Life gave me the chance to escape my world and enter someone else's.

My collaborator, Treyden Chiaravalloti, held the reigns on this project and I became a quiet observer, broken down, and ready to re-learn.

The way Treyden approached his process was inspiring to me. He was deeply connected to a source of inspiration that was feeding him and was patient and listened. Not to mention our star Jenny who demonstrated an unparallel leadership capacity and passion for what she did.

I watched, held space, and happily produced the film. It was a huge blessing to be an observer. This project felt like a big turning point for me as an artist, it reminded me of the healing power of why I do what I do.

Chapter 4: The creation of "In His Honor" - The seeds of rebirth.

Celebrating my dad's birthday, In His Honor was supposed to be an event where I performed my old solo "Letters to my father" but at the last minute, I changed the whole concept and decided to improvise.

I began working on the event only three days before and went in with trust and an insatiable desire for raw experience.

I started by making the space and created hung sculptures made out of the book my dad gave me "Letters to my son". The sculptures eerily represented my father and the space began to form its own energy.

The night of, I created a playlist and gave my heart to the world. It was incredible. I cried, screamed, and laughed, feeling deeply alive with my broken heart.

Chapter 5: The creation of "The Cyborg Project" - A dark night and a loud wake-up call.

The Cyborg Project was my biggest project to date consisting of 7 installations, 3 performances, and 2 new films with collaborators Avital Meshi and Treyden Chiaravalloti.

The process was grueling. I got COVID, experienced the death of a loved one, and had 5 dancers not able to attend due to border closure.

It called on me to find the deepest part of why I do what I do and forced me to get honest.

Through it, I realized that the only thing I felt passionate about in regards to the virtual world was the problems it has created.

The Cyborg Project became my polarity, in almost every way it was the exact opposite of who I am, providing the fertilizer for new growth to form.

I learned that I don't want to make art about our issues, but in contrast, make art to honor the sacred life we have. I learned that nature is the seed of my creativity and that I must create in harmony with the forces of mother earth. I learned I don't want to be a cyborg but in turn, want to bring people closer to their humanity and connection to nature.

Although challenging to the bone, I am so grateful for The Cyborg Project as it was exactly what I needed to now be in an alignment I have never experienced before.

Chapter 6: December 2021 the creation of "Nathan Hirschaut Gala" - A new era of light.

Finally! I feel so rooted in my truth and power. Every day I wake up incredibly grateful to get to work in a way that is intentional and sacred. Nothing makes me feel better than getting to help people use the power of movement to flourish.

I am not a dancer, I am a movement magician, creating art initiations for empowerment, natural connection, and the absolute shattering of our limiting beliefs.

My upcoming gala is a feast of my new art that ushers in a new era of light that I am invoking in all of us.

Join me:

IN-PERSON - Friday, December 10th, 2021 at 6:00 pm in Aptos, Ca

VIRTUAL - Saturday, December 18th, 2021 at 6:00 pm PDT

Get Tickets:

With deep gratitude to those on my path,

-Nathan Hirschaut


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