The "I'm spiraling" emergency drill

Updated: Mar 12

One moment you are floating on cloud nine and then the next you find your self in what seems like an irreversible pit of negativity.

You were doing so well and then the smallest thing came along and now you feel a dreadful frozen sensation in your body and a giant snowball of negativity hurdling down the hallways of your mind.

We all go through it. And of course we could spend hours analyzing how you got there, and what your trauma is.... however....

The real question is how do you get out of it? Our friend Einstein said that we cant solve a problem on the level in which it was created, so before we go analyzing the trauma and working to better understanding its trigger we first have to get you to a better state.

Here are some of my emergency remedies for when you feel that negative spiral coming along:

1. Increase the length of your breath to be as deep as possible and continue for at least 3 minutes.

Now we all know that breathing deeper is better for us, however, most of us when we get in a negative spiral dont actually do it.

I 100% guarantee that if you breathe as deep as you can for 3 minutes you will dramatically lessen the impact of your negative state. You dont need to sit down or go in to a yogic posture, just wherever you are breathe deeper. Start right now.

I give myself challenges that are related to the task I am doing. For example I would say while I make this meal... I am going to see how deep I can breathe. That way I am giving myself a positive task which is possible for me to complete. A broad stroke intention such as "I will breathe deeper today" will not work. When you are moving in a negative direction you have got to keep yourself on a short leash.

2. Do 1-3 minutes of addiction meditation.

One of the reasons why we fall in to our negative spirals is because some part of us is actually addicted to it.

Your mind and body run on patterns meaning if you have had these spirals happening for a long time (which we all have) then its only natural that your mind and body will continue to run this patten.

Addiction meditation breaks your current negative patterns and tells your mind to move in a more positive direction.

Here is a video fo me teaching the meditation (Once you get it just do it whenever you need throughout the day)

3. Play a mantra.

This is the easiest out of the three. All you need to do is listen to this mantra on repeat. Extra credit of you sleep with it on.

The mantra I use for negativity is Jai Te Gang. It is known to completely remove the feeling of negativity from the body and the mind.

Dr Ramdesh says "It channels the power of the cosmic sword, like the Sword of Archangel Michael in Judeo-Christian belief, the energy of which slices through negativity and darkness, leaving only light in its path. The mantra speaks of a great sword which will remove all demons from our mind and body."

Here is the link to the mantra on Spotify and youtube. Put it on repeat and watch your negativity dissolve.

Just put it on right now, it will help!

If you dont have tools you're a fool.

To beat the negativity you have to become stronger than it. Which takes PRACTICE.

So what are your emergency drills in hard times?

And what is 1 out of the 3 remedies I gave you that you can apply today?

Is it 3 minutes of deeper breath, the addiction meditation, or playing the mantra?

When you take command of your state of being, empowerment happens.

Contact me if you are interested in one on one coaching my slots are filling up and I would love to work with you!



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