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How we ended up in Costa Rica making a film.

In 2019 my father passed away in an unexpected skiing accident. He was a passionate nature lover and conservationist.

Then on February 25th, 2020 we held his memorial in Santa Cruz, Ca. The day following my Mom, Michelle Hoffman, and I left for a mother-son adventure in Egypt.

There we meet, Tree Jenny, the protagonist, and inspiration behind this film. It's not every day you meet a woman who has planted over half a million trees so I took note.

During the trip, Jenny and I discussed the possibility of collaborating, however, nothing was initiated or set in stone.

Fast forward to November 2020, I would go on a road trip to Joshua Tree. There I danced in the desert and got a major insight that it was time to initiate a project with Jenny. She was extremely open and let me take the reigns.

I called up my filmmaker friend Treyden and the ideas got flowing. We decided to work towards an earth day premiere and set everything motion.

It just so happened that the day before we left was the premiere of my latest work, Letters to my father, a solo dedicated to my angel dad.

Then the last day of the trip it all hit me. Tears flowed down my face as I realized that my dad had deeply helped to orchestrate and lead me on this project.

Here are the insights that came:

1. My dad was Jewish. During the trip, we joined a Jewish family for their Passover ceremony. They ended up giving us a blessing at the end of the night and even mentioned the presence of my father without knowing.

2. My dad practiced Buddhism. It turns out that during our time there a Tibetan Buddhist Lama was giving teachings. We went and did a full-day silent retreat with the Lama. His main teaching was "One Precious Life".

3. My dad was a conservationist. All proceeds from this project go directly to forest conservation and regeneration.

4. The time I met Jenny and went to Costa Rica was just after the 2 deep ceremonies I did in his honor.

5. There is nothing my dad wanted more than for people to relish in the ecstatic enjoyment of Nature.

So as you can see this project has been guided by forces unseen. These are just some of the hyper-synchronistic experiences that occurred. I promise, you will feel this magic in the film.

Go to to get your tickets for our earth day premiere!

-Nathan Hirschaut

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