The secret and counterintuitive ingredient to success

Updated: Mar 12

Your successes is equivalent to the level in which you can serve something bigger than you.

To paraphrase business icon Gary Vee "Success has nothing to do with likes or subscribers, it's about the level to which you are showing up and bringing value to your community, thats how you grow."

Don’t misunderstand this idea be solely for a non-profit cause. All business and creations that actually deliver impact are founded upon serving something larger than themself.

So then our question becomes... How can we serve our causes, our people, and our missions better? How can we, on a daily basis, bring more value to those around us?

Don't broad-stroke this, impact requires specificity. Which means we might need to sit down and really consider what ways we can show up more.

My teacher Guru Jagat says we must get through our personal problems to be able to solve bigger ones. Success is you serving bigger problems than you are right now.

The bigger problems you are solving the better you are doing.

Accountability is a must here. The level to which you can hold your self accountable, is the level to which you can close the gap between your intentions and your action.

Now as serious as this may sound, which dont get me wrong it's serious work, it's also massively fulfilling and freeing. Valuable, disciplined, and committed service are the pathways to freedom. Just look at all happy people, they are committed to bringing more benefit to the world. It's that simple.

A common misconception is that you need to have your mission fully realized before you can serve it. However, missions are lived not written and they have to be discovered through trial. So my advice is, just serve something, just create something, and just do something that brings benefit. Have a dinner party, make a meal for you partner, create a painting for someone, or write a poem and dedicate it to all your followers on Instagram. It can be anything but the vibe is; serve something now and you will be lead to your bigger mission.

I want to leave you with two last question to ponder and write about.

1. How can I use my incredible body and mind through time and space to bring more value to life around me?

2. What are three tangible ways I can make this happen today?

Wishing you lifetimes of service.


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