Money is a decision

Updated: Mar 5

I was listening to a podcast called "One Insight" by coach Rich Litvin who is famously known for helping coaches build businesses and make more money.

He gave his clients an exercise to make three asks that were way out of the ball park of what they were used to asking for.

A couple hours later they came back with nada, zip, zero. Of course, right, because if you ask an investor for $1,000,000 and you are a small company... you are probably going to get laughed at.

However the point of the exercise wasn’t to get the $1,000,000 it was to practice asking for something bigger than what your small mind is comfortable with.

The reason for why we dont ask is because we are scared of failure. We are so terrified of it not happening that we dont ask.

So for those of you that are struggling to make money in your art or service... you've got to be real with your self... have you asked for more?

Because if you aren't getting rejected at least 9 out of 10 times you either aren't asking enough or you aren't asking for enough.

The point is that making more money, wether that be you need to fundraise or up your sales, is simply a decision. It's that simple, it's just a decision to ask for more. It's just changing a number on paper! Thats all it is!

People are out there that want to pay you, give you, or invest A LOT of money in to you.

However if you stop asking after your first, second, or even third try you are not going to find them!

My teacher Harijiwan says pay no attention to the result and be solely focused on the effort.

When you get rejected dont even waste a minute feeling bad, just keeping putting more value in your work.

You will get tons of NO'S. Thats normal, no matter how great you are everyone gets NO'S.

So my advice is focus on building an insane amount of value in your work and when you need/want more money keep asking until it happens.

Because just 1 year later a client of Rich Livtin came up to him and thanked him so much for giving him that exercise because he has since raised $1,000,000 for his non-profit pet shelter.

And all he had to do was to just keep asking.

The money was there for him the whole time, he just had to have the courage to get it.

Reflection Questions:

Where are you be underselling yourself due to your lack of courage to ask for more?

Are you willing to take the risk of potentially getting no's if you do ask?

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Sat Nam and Love,


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