1. Set Intentions

Setting intentions reminds us of why we all showed up to class. When we set intentions we are making a declaration for the way we want to show up for ourselves and each other. 

2. Release energy

We begin class by doing high energy exercises to release built-up physical, emotional, and phycological stagnancy. Throughout our day we build up energetic calcification that needs to be released through cathartic exercises.

3. Stillness

After the built-up energy is released a cavern of physical, emotional, and phycological space opens. We let our minds and hearts slow down and listen to the flow of energy that now can move through us. 

4. Replenish energy

We now invite new healing energy into our bodies, heart, and minds. Through our intention and our imagination, we bring in all the new possibilities, opportunities, and creativity that has been awakened. 

5. Celebration 

We end our class by celebrating our individual expression and collective power. We remind ourselves of our unique gifts and dance with great gratitude for our ability to move.

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