Who is Creative Coaching for?

Creative Coaching is for creatives who wish to embrace the fulness of their artistic voice, take their creative career to the next level, and are looking for mentorship to help navigate the complexities of all aspects of the creative process. Creative Coaching is also for those who are dissatisfied with the mundanity of not living in their creative brightness and are ready to take the courageous leap to turn their passions in to their work. 

What stage of my creative career do I need to be at?

You can be at any stage of your creative process, wether is be incubation, creation, or sharing I can help guide you through the process in a more optimal way. However, the main component of the work will always be alining to the truth of your authentic expression.

Can you promise tangible results?

We will have to meet each other half way, however, if you do the homework that I give you and commit to the transformative process of coming in to your creative alignment i'm sure their will be tangible results quite quickly. 


What is the value in creative coaching​?

When we do a creative coaching session I look at how you are approaching your creative process, how you are mentally, physically, and spiritually aligning through your day, and where you are self limiting beliefs exist. I then provide specific tools to help you refine your approach, align your mind/body/spirit, and overcome blocks. You will leave knowing the steps you need to do in order to get to where you want to go.

What is your background?

Get the details here.

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