Private dance lessons for any level of experience.



Private coaching sessions are completely adaptive to your desires, level of experience, and capacity.


In real time

Get real-time feedback through private zoom sessions scheduled at your convenience. 



Dance can be awkward and scary, especially in public. These private sessions create a safe atmosphere for us to fail and explore.

My Experience 

Throughout my career as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer I have taught a plethora of movers with different levels of experience and desired outcomes.  


I have taught movement classes at youth dance studios, wellness and yoga studios, corporate offices, professional dance companies, and community centers.


I have taught someone as old as 70 and as young as 6. 

I have seen that no matter who someone is or where they have come from dancing brings them a contagious joy that can not be denied.

Who's this for?


You are new to dance

and what to build

a conscious

freeform movement

practice into your life.


You are a dancer

in training looking

to expand your skills

and toolbox.


You are a professional dancer looking for new 

movement information to expand your practice. 

Services and prices


45-minute session


In an introduction session, we will discuss your goals, go through a basic movement session, and create a plan of action.


45-minute session 


One-off sessions are for returning clients who wish to get another dose of movement training.

4 pack bundle

Four 45-minute sessions


For returning clients who wish to book 4 sessions in advance and receive $20 off their total purchase. 

Book a session
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