Personal development and creative visioning for ambitious visionaries.

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My mission is to support the work of ambitious creative visionaries so that spiritually aligned and finically profitable projects and businesses can come to be.


Create an aligned life and vision to maximize fulfillment and impact.


Increase your inner and external value, income, and profits. 


Become a leader in your community and learn to serve and scale your value.



We discovered the pathway into my destiny. In this deep ocean, the waves of creation and the subtle ripples of my unique creative process are honored, held, formed and reformed- refined- brought into 3D physical reality in service to others.

Joy and Energy in Creation with validation and encouragement is the Giant Splash of being in the waters with Nathan.

- Happy Heart, Vida Tanya

Nathan saw the seedlings within me that I could not see myself. He gave me the tools and permission I needed so I could pursue what I imagined offering to the world. It is a continual work in progress, and Nathan’s insights continue to propel me into the exciting void of manifesting my dream realities.

- Danielle Lee Hogervorst

Nathan's immense and selfless passion for helping creatives discover their greatness is something that is hard to come by these days but is the reason I consider him one of my truest friends and favorite educators. I leave every session with a deeper understanding of myself and a clear and energized approach to a new goal.

- Ali Stevens

How we'll do it

Our focus may be any combination of the following.

Together we will use the Kundalini Yogic technology to help you stay happy, healthy, and strong as you pioneer your creative mission into the world. 

Yogic and meditative


Together we will go into deep mediative stillness so that you can hear, feel, and see your highest destiny direction.

Channeled visioning

Through my inquiry and knowledge, I will help you make business and career moves that align with your deepest intentions and desires.

Carrer and buisness  


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