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Nathan Hirschaut is a creative visionary who is dedicated to supporting individuals, projects, and businesses that aim to create personal, artistic, and spiritual progression. In 2020 Nathan graduated from the Juilliard School for dance and launched Hive Creates, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young interdisciplinary performing artists grow as authentic, active, and conscious leaders. He also started his coaching practice in which he helps numerous visionaries in multiple career sectors develop spiritually aligned and finically profitable businesses. Nathan has made a name for himself as an emerging choreographer and in the past year has developed 4 professional choreographic works, of which 2 of them were evening-length. You can see Nathan dancing in the Grammy award-winning music group, White Sun’s newest music video “Everybody Hurts” or catch him teaching kundalini, dance, and creativity classes across the globe. Join Nathan in his creative and spiritual revolution as he continues to forge his unique path into the world.


Hive Creates

A nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting emerging performing artists founded by Nathan Hirschaut.

Articles and Support

Writing on personal, spiritual, and conscious career development.


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