Nathan Hirschaut is a prolific dance and performance artist creating transcendent movement workshops, performances, and events. At the age of 16 he was awarded a 1st place prize at The Dance Awards National competition and at age of 17 he was accepted into The Juilliard School for dance, graduating with his BFA in 2020. Nathan has self-produced 12+ international dance performances and films and has been featured in The Washington Times, NPR, and the LA Post as a choreographer creating change.

Nathan has been commissioned by The Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center, has been awarded best professional screen dance at The Idaho Screen Dance film festival, has created new work at residency; The Choreographic Marathon with Maxine Heppner, and has taught at prestigious and community-based organizations including The Juilliard School, The 418 Project, DanceCenter, TWDCC, Nor Cal Dance Arts, Motion Pacific, and more.

He is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and has trained extensively as an educator for young artists through mentors, Francesca Harper, Yara Travieso, and Risa Steinburg. His mission is to use the power of dance for the organic freedom of all sentient beings.


I strive, with the intensity of my soul, to use the power of dance as my most devoted offering for the organic freedom of all sentient beings.


My work is a ritual for aliveness. From meditative movement to wild tribal dancing, my theatrical, whimsical, and extraordinary dance/theatre worlds aim to make one feel and think in a deeper way. Movement is my vehicle, my heart the engine, and my art; the flowers that come through. I am guided by the vastness of the human soul and I tell the ancient/future stories of human transformation. Whether you are watching one of my performances, are guided in a workshop, or simply scroll through an Instagram post I hope you are left feeling more aware of the raw, primordial, and precious energy within you.


“May you dance so that some part of you, instantaneously and miraculously, wakes up.”

- Nathan Hirschaut


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