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Creator, teacher, dancer - behind my work.

My Mission

My mission is to consciously wield the power of movement and art to help us return to our primal Nature. I do this through creating, producing, and collaborating with individuals and organizations to make projects, workshops, and retreats that forward this mission.

Good people

I seek to work collaboratively with other conscious creators and warriors of light. I look to learn from those that know more than me and share the gifts I have aqquired.

My Values

Good place

I deeply honor and treasure this earthly land and the people that have come before me. I strive to leave each place I work in a better condition than when I arrived. 

Good purpose

I seek to address, question, and explore the pressing issues of today. I demand that my work not only brings to light problems we encounter but more importantly takes 3D action to remedy them. 


Nathan Hirschaut is a teacher, creator, and dancer who graduated from The Juilliard School for Dance in 2020. Over the past 15 years, Nathan has studied from the world's best in dance, yoga, and artistic ideology; resulting in the unique intersection of his artistic and movement world. His mission is to make creative projects and teach movement classes that help people connect to their true Nature and Power, a space beyond the limitations of the mind. Since graduating school, Nathan has been commissioned and independently produced 7+ cross-disciplinary projects, held 2 creative retreats, led 1 intensive, and taught a plethora of movement workshops and classes. Nathan's work has continued to make waves and has recently been featured in The Washington Times, NPR, and the LA Post. Forging his way as a pioneering artist and thought leader of embodied physics, Nathan's life is an example of what a wild ride in tune with nature and divine trust looks like. 


Past Projects

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