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Nathan Hirschaut

Nathan Hirschaut

Creative Director

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About me

Nathan Hirschaut is a multidisciplinary creative director who hails from Santa Cruz, Ca.


Nathan grew up as an acclaimed competitive dancer and attended The Juilliard School for Dance from 2016-2020.


After graduation, Nathan’s started creating films that have been seen and 

awarded at; Film at Lincoln Center, Dance Camera West, Dance on Film, Idaho Screen-Dance Film Festival, San Fransisco Dance Film Festival, and Dallas Dance Film Festival, as well as featured in NPR, The LA Post, and The Washington Times.

Nathan’s newest project is a feature-length drama entitled; Becoming Ptah, which he is working with Sundance Co//ab to write.

Nathan's visionary work has inspired leaps in our consciousness, creativity, and psycho/spiritual evolution resulting in tens of thousands being raised for environmental protection and profound shifts in audience members around the world.

“Nathan is an incredible teacher; a true artist who is impeccably trained and continues to work every day to develop his skill as a dancer and choreographer, but also as a leader, a mentor, and a shaker of conventional values.”
-Angela Chambers, TWDCC Development Director
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