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Nathan Hirschaut

Nathan Hirschaut

Filmmaker & Spiritual Guide

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About me

Nathan Hirschaut is a filmmaker and spiritual guide who hails from Santa Cruz, Ca.


Nathan grew up as an acclaimed competitive dancer and attended The Juilliard School for Dance from 2016-2020.


After graduation, Nathan’s started creating films that have been seen and 

awarded at; Film at Lincoln Center, Dance Camera West, Dance on Film, Idaho Screen-Dance Film Festival, San Fransisco Dance Film Festival, Dallas Dance Film Festival, as well as featured in NPR, The LA Post, and The Washington Times.

Nathan’s newest project is a feature-length drama entitled; The Young Priest, which he is working with Sundance Co-Lab to write.


When not writing or directing Nathan teaches Healing Movement, Kundalini Yoga, and Creative Coaching around the world.


Nathan tells the stories of extraordinary beings who defy all social, cultural, and familial conventions, dogmas, and paradigms to live a truly liberated life.

“Nathan is an incredible teacher; a true artist who is impeccably trained and continues to work every day to develop his skill as a dancer and choreographer, but also as a leader, a mentor, and a shaker of conventional values.”
-Angela Chambers, TWDCC Development Director
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